Founder, FUEL Project

Introduced the concept of FUEL Project and successfully managing the project since 2008. FUEL is an open source effort that aims to solve the problem of inconsistency and lack of standardization in software translation across platforms. FUEL provides linguistic and technical resources, such as standardized terminology resources, computer translation style and convention guides, assessment methodologies, complex text-layout rendering references and translation assessment matrices. Since its initiation, FUEL has grown into a larger effort. Resources created by FUEL are now used by approximately 60 language communities and many organizations, including C-DAC , Red Hat and Wikimedia Foundation). FUEL is cited as a reference standard in Best Practices for Localization of e-Gov Applications in India.

Founder, Bhasha Ghar

Bhasha Ghar aims at working for all those Indic languages that are having less technological support and resources so that their presence and growth can be ensured on the new technology. It is difficult for the survival of those languages who all are digitally weak. We as a volunteer group put efforts for all minority and ‘small’ languages and try to make them digitally supported.  Till now, Maithili language is successfully present on most of the foss applications. Bhasha Ghar community started to work on Angika, a dying language along with Bhojpuri and Magahi.

Author, Apanā Kampyūṭara Apanī Bhāṣā Mēṁ

My first published book is in print. The book is something like a How To guide on making your own computer in your own language. If you want to see your computer in your language, the steps are simpler than you think. Just follow the few steps as written in the book – your computer will be in your native language. This, in a nutshell, was my motive behind writing this book. The image on the cover itself is self explanatory – Fedora, GNOME, KDE, LibreOffice, Firefox, FUEL, Thunderbird, Pidgin including some l10n tools and technologies are all in my book. For more about the book, please visit the review penned by the well-known writer Mayank Chhaya here:

Red Hat Enterprise Linux in HINDI

Red Hat Enterprise Linux version – version 4, 5, 6 and 7 in Hindi – have been successfully released. This has been a mammoth task in the field of localization – the entire Operating System including all the foss applications that RHEL ships.



I have been working and collaborating with several different communities of FOSS world.  Hindi is now available on almost all major FOSS applications in supported status. Mentored Maithili Community and Maithili (mai) language is also available with all major projects. Currently working for Angika (anp) – a dying language – the community fully supports this effort. Created several locales in glibc eg. anp_IN, bho_IN, mai_IN, mag_IN, raj_IN.

Initiated LibreOffice India activity in India and organized an event for deciding the shape of LibreOffice India. LibreOffice activity in India is currently almost zero. I hope to see Libre Office picking up in the future in India.



Literate world, Inc was a California based internet and Cinema Company. This company launched a multilingual literary portal ( ; now dead) and I joined it as content coordinator to work for its Hindi language portal – the very first portal in India in Hindi language that was professionally run.  The website was a huge success.  While in Literate World, I coordinated several special issues on various subjects. Conducted a few literary surveys which were unique and did pioneering work of this kind. I conducted interviews of more than fifty literary luminaries.

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