अपना कंप्यूटर अपनी भाषा में (Apanā kampyūṭara apanī bhāṣā mēṁ)

The book is something like a How To for making your own computer cropped-apna-computer-apni-bhasha-mein.jpgin your own language which you speak. If you want to see our computer in our your language, steps are simple. Your passion and just few steps as written in the book – your computer will be in your native language. That is all what the book want to tell. The image on the cover itself is able to tell what is included in the book – Fedora, GNOME, KDE, Libreoffice, Firefox, FUEL, Thunderbird, Pidgin including some l10n tools and technologies. For more about the books, please visit review by a well know writer Mayank Chhaya.

Some Online Published Articles


Some Docs

  • Localization Quality Assurance: Screen-shot Comparison Method
  • Context in Technical Translation Concept and Guideline
  • FUEL Translation Style and Convention Guide for Hindi


  • Writing the biography of the eminent Hindi writer Shailesh Matiyani
  • Writing Importance of Connotation Analysis in GILT Industry for FUEL Project
  • Editing a monograph on Fedora in Hindi
  • Editing a monograph on Mozilla Firefox in Hindi



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